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About Us

Hiring Brothers America will be the best decision made during your move. Read about our story to hear why. 

About Brothers America Moving

Brothers America Moving was founded by 3 brothers with a mission to provide the best quality moving services at an affordable price. Growing up we moved a lot, every couple years around 5 or 6 times total. Nearly every move our mother struggled with finding a reliable and trustworthy moving company who wasn’t trying to sneak in hidden fees and take advantage. This realization sparked the start of our company. We will offer a top-quality moving service that the customer can trust, at a fair price.
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Meet The Owner

The quality of service offered by Brothers America Moving is unparalleled by other companies. We are completely owner operated. This means that one of our owners will personally oversee and service every step of your move. We are not a broker who subs your move out to another company you don’t know.

Our team of professional movers know how to package, wrap, handle, and load your items so that they arrive in the same condition as received.

Our movers care for your items as if they are our own. Nowadays this is a service that can be very difficult to find.

Our Team Our Philosophy

Brothers America Moving is truly a team, which is demonstrated on each move by the dynamics of the friendly relationships shared by each mover. The motto of Brothers America is “Our Team Works For You”. Our team works together to provide customers with the best moving experience they have ever had.

We believe that a mover must care for your items like they are our own. We only employ trusted movers, often longtime friends, who show the high quality of care for your belongings that we are known for.

Bradenton is Our Home

Bradenton Florida is home the Brothers America Moving family. We genuinely care about our community and the reputation that we leave. Our team is actively involved in the Sarasota / Bradenton community through service, charity, and recreation. We demonstrate high character and treat our customers with respect.

You will not find a moving company who cares for the customers belongings like the team at Brothers America Moving. We strive to provide each customer with the top-quality service they are looking for at a price that works for them. “Our Team Works For You”.

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