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Hiring Brothers America Moving to relocate you into a new apartment or condo is the best decision that you can make.

Apartment and Condo Movers

Moving in and out of an apartment or condo presents challenges that require experience, patience, and hard work. Hiring trained professionals is especially important when moving in an area with a high concentration of residents. Our team at Brothers America carries all of the qualities required for success in these high stress environments. Our trusted movers work hard to make you stress-free during your transition into your new home.

Brothers America Moving has seen it all when it comes to relocating an apartment. With elevators and stairs, it can get a little tricky sometimes. On top of it, other residents of the complex are often using these pathways at the same time we are moving in them. Our dedicated team has an efficient process to keep both our customers and the other residents happy and moving forward.

When we arrive, our team is stocked with the best dollies, tools, and packing supplies to make that long walk a breeze. We understand the importance of having quality equipment to move as much as possible, in the shortest time possible, and as safely as possible. Our movers never cut any corners and always protect your belongings with blankets, stretch wrap, mattress bags, and everything else.

Save time and money

Brothers America Moving treats every customer with the high quality of care we are known for. Without help, it can be overwhelmingly time consuming to move an apartment or condo. Maybe that big heavy couch doesn’t want to fit in the elevator, and barely fits upstairs. Maybe there are never ending heavy boxes that need to be walked a hundred yards into your unit. Our dedicated movers come properly equipped to get you moved as quickly as possible.

Brothers America Moving is often able to save our customers money with our competitive rates and hard-working movers. Our customers never overpay for movers who simply are just not up to the task. Hiring our team is the most cost-effective decision to get you moved correctly and in a timely manner.

Tips for Your Apartment Move

Brothers America has extensive experience in the moving industry. We have learned the best ways to handle all aspects of your apartment or condo move. This is few tips to get you on track before your next big one.

  • Contact us as soon as you think about moving. This way you can have time to consider your many options and what services you would like to hire us for.
  • When inspecting new apartments, ask for floor plans of the ones you are considering. You can use these to judge where and how your furniture will fit, which can help make the decision.
  • When signing your new lease, ask what time the complex allows move ins and when there is generally the least amount of traffic. This way we can plan arrival for your move accordingly.
  • Consider saving us a parking spot when we arrive. This way we can park as close as possible to the entrance for a quick and efficient move.
  • Set up utility services at the new apartment or condo.
  • When your movers arrive, remember we are here to do the hard stuff. Sit down, relax, and enjoy your move.

Brothers America Moving has relocated thousands of apartments and condos throughout the years. Through experience, our team has mastered all of the ins and outs. We earn the trust of our customers through dedication, attention to detail, and hard work. We strive to be the movers of the future for you, your family, and your friends.

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What People Are Saying

Our Movers Are Dedicated to Customer Service

Mark Adler

August 2021


Zach and Chris did an outstanding job on a recent move for me. They were on time, professional, courteous, very careful, and operated extremely well together as a team. They treated my items being moved and the property on both ends of the move like it was their own. The final time and cost came out to be just about exactly what Zach had estimated it would be weeks before the move when we spoke. I would highly recommend Zach and his Brothers America team to anyone looking for a pleasant, stress free and quality moving experience.

Sandy Pepper

February 2022


I had an unscheduled delivery of a very heavy safe. It was left on my driveway. Brothers America Moving agreed to help me. They arrived on time, worked quickly, and had the safe in place in record time. They are a great team! I highly recommend them and would certainly use them again if needed.

Molly Lawson

February 2022


Great locally owned and very well run company. They were the best part of our move! Handled all of our furniture with care and everything was wrapped and protected. There estimated cost and length of time to move was spot on. No surprises. They were professional, courteous, and great value. Would use again and highly recommend.

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