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Commercial Relocation MOVERS

Brothers America Moving offers committed relocation for businesses, local and long distance. When relocating, we understand that time is money when it comes to your business. Brothers America provides the right number of professional movers always supplied with the right equipment. We diversify ourselves to make a schedule that works for you.

When moving your business, our clean-cut professional team will swiftly get you to where your going. We will relocate your entire office, reorganize your conference room, and even fully assemble your cubicle spaces. The movers at Brothers America have experience moving many local businesses in the area. We have fully packed, relocated, and reorganized a pharmacy. Carefully boxed and crated, transported, and staged an art studio. And completely relocated the warehouse of a custom aquarium store, just to name a few. Brothers America Moving will save you time and money when moving your business.

Transportation and Delivery Services

Brothers America Moving provides transportation and delivery services for business in the Sarasota Bradenton area, carrying to anywhere in Florida. Our team schedules with the customers and delivers on time. Often, the delivery team seen by the customer is the biggest representation of your company. Brothers America will put out an organized and respectable appearance that leaves a wonderful reputation with your customers.

Our team has experience in all fields of transportation. We have dedicated teams delivering construction materials, landscaping, flooring, and heavy equipment. We pick up and deliver furniture and appliances for wholesale and commercial stores, thrift stores, and non-for-profits. We deliver vehicles, off-roading equipment, and golf carts. Brothers America services all large freight and heavy item delivery throughout Florida.

Brothers America transportation services will cut your costs and save you time. Our movers know how to get the job done. We are punctual, respectful, and properly trained. We carry the proper trucks and trailers, lift gates, and equipment to safely tackle even the toughest deliveries. This saves your business the stress and financial burden of carrying extra equipment that isn’t always in use. Our delivery services will help your business take the next step.

Business Move Out Checklist

Brothers America Moving has learned the ins and out of this industry. When relocating your business, it is important to be prepared and make the right plan. These are some helpful considerations when choosing your services.

  • Contact our team in the beginning, we are here for you all the way. We will provide your business with a walk through and lay out the many options for your commercial move.
  • Consider performing your move in multiple parts. This can prevent you from stopping operations completely and lead to a smoother transition.
  • Notify your current customers and update your online presence before the move. This will ensure you don’t miss a beat when you arrive at your new location
  • Budget accordingly and make sufficient preparations. Relocating a business is never easy. Make it painless by planning accordingly and hiring our team.
  • Consider completing other needed contracting services and setting up utilities before the move. You will be ready to go as soon as we get done with your move.
  • Moving is stressful enough, we are here to do the hard stuff.

The dependable movers at Brothers America will ensure a smooth transition for your business. Our delivery teams will give your business the reputation that it deserves. We work to make a better community!

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What People Are Saying

Our Movers Are Dedicated to Customer Service

Mark Adler

August 2021


Zach and Chris did an outstanding job on a recent move for me. They were on time, professional, courteous, very careful, and operated extremely well together as a team. They treated my items being moved and the property on both ends of the move like it was their own. The final time and cost came out to be just about exactly what Zach had estimated it would be weeks before the move when we spoke. I would highly recommend Zach and his Brothers America team to anyone looking for a pleasant, stress free and quality moving experience.

Sandy Pepper

February 2022


I had an unscheduled delivery of a very heavy safe. It was left on my driveway. Brothers America Moving agreed to help me. They arrived on time, worked quickly, and had the safe in place in record time. They are a great team! I highly recommend them and would certainly use them again if needed.

Molly Lawson

February 2022


Great locally owned and very well run company. They were the best part of our move! Handled all of our furniture with care and everything was wrapped and protected. There estimated cost and length of time to move was spot on. No surprises. They were professional, courteous, and great value. Would use again and highly recommend.

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